Matt Sapaula Profile

America’s “Money Smart Guy,” Matt Sapaula is a financial coach and investment expert, giving people the tools necessary to achieve financial independence and reach their financial dreams. Matt has mentored financial professionals, engineered the professional Encore Career Program, and developed the Mastermind Group, a collaborative mentorship program that keeps entrepreneurs accountable during the early growth period of their business ventures.  This is exceedingly important for entrepreneurs to have these resources, as it keeps them focused, on track to achieve their projections, and in line with their goals and plans for their businesses.

Matt is the founder of the “Money Smart” movement, a unique approach to financial stability and independence. Since 2006, Mr. Sapaula has worked closely with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago to execute the Money Smart Week public awareness campaign every April. Over the last few decades, he has earned a solid reputation for his financial expertise, keen insights, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Mr. Sapaula was the co-host and featured financial expert on MSN Money’s reality TV series, “The Invested Life” and has been interviewed on a number of TV and radio broadcasts, including FOX Business, ABC, NBC, Chicago’s WGN, and FOX TV affiliates. Matt has also been featured on the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Financial Advisor IQ, and Advisor Today.  He has extensive experience on radio and television alike and has shared financial advise for over a decade.

Matt is a proud father of three and he spends his free time in Chicago with his children, participating in various sporting activities and church events.


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