First 24 Hours – Living Money Smart a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG Launch!

We are EXTREMELY excited to launch Living Money Smart , a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG ! Our first episode shows yours truly, Matt Sapaula, in Money Smart Guy mode during the first 24 hours of my week.

In years past, we would kick off our national videoconference on Monday mornings. And for a while, there was no problem with that. We continued to set new benchmarks, break previous “best month” numbers and find that our business was doing just find.

After meeting with my mentor, Patrick Bet-David for a 2017 business plan review in Dallas, he asked me to move my Monday morning agenda to Sunday night. “It’s all about starting with momentum SOONER in the week than later,” he said.

The past 2 months on our 2017, themed Year of Domination, has been just that. We’ve attracted even sharper minds, naturally repelled those not fit for our culture and have set new marks in our business unreached before.

Opening scene of Living Money Smart has your overhear a conversation with Tigran Bekian, PHP Agency Licensing Coordinator. Even thought I have a national business, I still lead my local office and agency. With that being said, I take pride in our local agency team, which we call a “baseshop” or “MD baseshop” in where we mentor the newest financial entrepreneurs.

And the ONLY way I get our newest entrepreneurs to begin earning income, who are mostly based in the Chicagoland area, is getting them licensed with the Illinois Department of Insurance with a life/health/accident producers license.

My incentive for getting this done, is earning additional stock equity ownership of PHP Agency, Inc. How significant is this? Well PHP Agency has already grown into a major national presence building distribution for the insurance industry. So significant that last December, a nine-figure offer was already made for PHP Agency to be acquired by a life insurance company, in which our CEO/Founder Patrick Bet-David declined.

Hello! That’s at least $100,000,000…yes, that’s NINE figures that I get to own a piece of, along with the other 18 co-owners…and counting, of PHP Agency!

Yes, selling the agency comes a little too soon. Makes me smile a little bit especially since PHP Agency started in 2009 with 66 agents and today has over 3,100 licensed agents. Not bad as we enter our 7th year in business.

I have been in business for myself, with other financial and insurance firms and NEVER had anything like I have today…mentorship from a proven leader, support from a world-class home office executive staff and ownership of the next BIG THING in the financial industry.

Episode 1 of Living Money Smart takes you into our office as well, during a Monday morning full-timers meeting. I lead a guided discussion with fellow full-time entrepreneurs or those transitioning into becoming a full-time entrepreneur. That’s the unique element of our business model is that we have people still maintaining a normal 9-5 job, simultaneously redefining what they do on evenings and weekends.

Our challenge to everyone in our mastermind – make more money part-time as a financial entrepreneur than you do at your full-time job…then let’s talk about you firing your boss!

Also during episode 1 of Living Money Smart , I get to share a little of the stories of the people behind the Money Smart Movement team. Namely, Richard and Karen Love, Ruddy and Rosy Ortiz, Javier Hernandez, Lizette Garcia, Chris and Evelyn Richardson.

Lastly to close off this episode, I lead a “PhoneZone” with many new entrepreneurs to develop the communications skills using the phone. Every entrepreneur needs to develop both online and offline marketing communication to help them gain exposure of their business and gain experience alongside certified trainers in our office teaching them the words of business.

I hope you enjoy our launch of this VLOG and I hope you can also share it directly with other military veterans who may be in business for themselves, or those that have never even considered it.

Please drop your comments below and let me know what else you’d like to see in future episodes of Living Money Smart, a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG.

Journey with us!



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