Vetrepreneur: Why Your Commander is Wrong About Getting a Job

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Going from military service to the civilian community is a major transition of culture shock for many of our our men and women in uniform. There are pros and cons in pursuit of financial security for either a job opportunity or the path of entrepreneurship.

Life after military service will cause many veterans to immediately miss out on what they depended upon while in the military, their battle buddies to sound off with. We have in this podcast two military service members, Captain Malwante Stewart (active) and First Sergeant Richard Love (retired) of the U.S. Army, in addition to host Matt Sapaula who left after his eight years on active duty as a Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Vetrepreneur – a military veteran who organizes and manages a business enterprise. – NAVOBA, National Veteran Owned Business Association

Here are some of the questions and points raised during this podcast:

  • Lack of financial guidance, awareness of vetrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship not a mainstream topic spoken about within the military
  • Lack of belief and application towards entrepreneurship
  • Necessity for immediate income now from a job versus the build up of cash flow from a business
  • How to take steps towards a transition from military service to an entrepreneur life, i.e. becoming a vetrepreneur
  • Peer pressure amongst the ranks in life-after-military career decisions
  • …and more

This episode I’d like to dedicate to a special friend that made an impact on me while I was serving in the Marine Corps, Angie Kardashian, who owned an Italian restaurant in Tustin, CA. She would reach out to Marines during the Thanksgiving holidays to come eat at her restaurant, for free.

Her kindness, high sense of community service and commitment to reaching out to Marines during a lonely part of the year is an act of duty-to-serve-others I will never forget. That’s what entrepreneurs, and in this case, vetrepreneurs do! It was those seeds of greatness that I picked up when I decided to complete my last enlistment in the Marine Corps and choose the path of entrepreneurship, officially become a “Vetrepreneur” in the financial services industry. And my life has never been the same, in a great way, ever since!

Semper Fi, Angie!

PS. I called out one of the Master Sergeants who told me, “I couldn’t do it”. Would you believe I want to take him out to dinner? Listen in and see what else he told me…


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