Fight for $15: Marine Corps Veteran Struggling to Get By

He fought in Iraq, but back home, he's struggling to get by. Fight for $15 advocates that everyone be paid a decent wage.

Posted by Upworthy on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

But we’ve ALL got choices. Why not take the same fight from the battlefield to building yourself up? Why expect someone to pay a wage for a position that never paid well to begin with? Passion to be a cook for KFC? Why not consider one day owning your own restaurant and KFC is just a stepping stone to a bigger conversation/purpose?

The last time I took at check from an employer was 15 years ago. A retired Master Sergeant unlocked the doors for me to entrepreneurship. How? I asked him question after question after question.

Most powerful thing he taught me was this Proverb of “Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. But teach him HOW to fish and he’ll eat forever”.

Two growing demographics of people in America today…those becoming millionaires…and those slipping into poverty. The big difference between them is the quality of the questions they ask of themselves and who they ask for answers.

How do you feel about #FightFor15?
(PS. Does anyone know this guy? I’ve got a little something for this Purple Heart recipient. Would love to help him out.) <—- UPDATE 11.18.2015 – we found him on Facebook and sent him a message. Let’s see if he’ll respond.